Chint Moulded Case Circuit Breaker 3 Pole (NXM-160 S) 160 Amp


  • MCCBs in an electrical circuit should be sized according to the circuits expected operating current and possible fault currents.
  • The three main criteria while selecting MCCBs are:
    • The rated working voltage (Ue) of the MCCB should be similar to the system voltage.
    • The trip value of the MCCB should be adjusted according to the current drawn by the load.
    • The breaking capacity of the MCCB must be higher than the theoretical possible fault currents.


This formed case electrical switch (MCCB) is a sort of electrical insurance gadget that is utilized to safeguard the electrical circuit from unreasonable flow, which can cause over-burden or short out.
With an ongoing rating of up to 2500A,
MCCBs are utilized for the most part in modern regions on high voltage and hard core apparatus.
These breakers are utilized rather than little circuit breakers (MCBs) in enormous scope PV frameworks for framework segregation and assurance purposes.
The MCCB utilizes a temperature delicate gadget (the warm component) with an ongoing touchy electromagnetic gadget (the attractive component) to give the excursion system to insurance and disconnection inspirations.
This empowers the MCCB to give:
Over-burden Security,
Electrical Issue Security against hamper, and
Electrical Switch for detachment.


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