FOTEK Inductive Proximity Sensor (PL-05N) 10-30v DC NPN NO(normally open)


Product: Inductive Proximity Sensor

Model: PL-05N

Brand: FOTEK

Supply voltage: 10-3ov DC

Wires: 3 DC wire (Brown, Black, Blue)

Output current: 150 mA

Output type: NPN NO(normally open)

Sensing range: 5mm

Protection degree: IP67

Response frequency: 800Hz

Working temperature: -20 ~+80C

Humidty: 35%~90%RH

Body dimension: 29.3 x 18.6 x 18.0mm, LxWxH

Screw hole: 3.2mm

Wire length: 1 meter/100 cm

Material: High-impact plastic

Shape: square



Inductive Closeness Sensor PL-05N NPN NO(normally open) Switch is utilized for controlling hardware as a component of a control framework, as a security interlock, or to count protests passing a point.
This is a kind of switch which is an electro-mechanical gadget that comprises of an actuator precisely connected to a bunch of contacts.
At the point when an article comes into contact with the actuator, the gadget works the contacts to represent the deciding moment an electrical association.
Being an inductive switch, no actual contact is expected between the switch and the metallic surface being detected.
These sensor switches are utilized in various applications and conditions in view of their roughness, simplicity of establishment, and unwavering quality of activity.
They can decide the presence or nonattendance, passing, situating, and end of movement of an item.


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