HYUNDAI Miniature Circuit Breaker 1pole (HIBD63)

Hyundai 1 pole circuit breaker MCB, for protection against short circuits and overloads in installations of electrical elements. Protects the active conductor, and cuts both conductors.

Ideal to be used both in domestic or industrial facilities, as in machinery automation cabinets.

High reliability and performance, allowing a large number of work cycles.

Hyundai Miniature Series are the perfect solution to protect electric overload, short circuit and earth leakage in the household and commercial installations.

With consistent and elegant appearances, the Hyundai Miniature Series provide various selection, easy installation, economical benefit and high reliability.

Manufactured: china.



Item: MCCB (formed case electrical switch)

Model: BW63-Droop

No of shaft: 3 post

Evaluated current: 60A

Evaluated hamper limit: 7.5/4kA(440VAC) , 10/5kA(220VAC)

Mounting: Clamor Rail or screw


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