Inductive Proximity Sensor NPN NO(normally open) 90-220v AC 12mm


Product Name: Inductive Proximity Sensor Switch

Wire Type: DC 3 Wire (Black, Brown, Blue)

Switch Appearance Type: Cylinder Type

Supply Voltage: DC 6-36V

Current Output: 300mA

Detect Object: Iron

Output Type: NPN NO (normally open)

Diameter of Column Sensor: 12mm Diameter

Detecting Distance: 4mm

Cable Length: 1.2m (Approx)

External Material: Plastic, Alloy

Condition: 100% brand new



At the point when the vicinity sensor switch is near some objective article, it will convey control signal.
These are generally utilized in machines, paper making, light enterprises for restricting station, direction taking count, speeding preliminary and so on.
It is a part generally utilized in programmed control industry for identifying, controlling, and non-contact exchanging.


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