Openness for industrial IOT applications

  • Wide range of options for programming in high-level languages
  • Implementation of flexible communication solutions with different protocols, from Modbus RTU, OPC UA to cloud protocols such as MQTT/AMQP
  • Use of open source application examples and libraries
  • SIMATIC Industrial OS, via OSD + free “ISAR” Debian via download


SIMATIC IOT2050 opens the door to digital dimensions in a simple and cost-effective manner, whether in a new or existing plant. It is simple to retrofit the smart IoT gateway, which will acquire, process, harmonize, and save machine and production data from multiple sources directly on-site in your production facility before transmitting it, for instance, to a local or cloud-based system. It is especially simple to…

The IMATIC IOT2050 connects your brownfield plant to the digital future, allowing you to remain competitive and increase production flexibility at a low cost: The SIMATIC IOT2050 smart IoT gateway is ideal for retrofitting, making it simple and cost-effective to make existing machinery and equipment IIoT-capable. It analyzes the data, harmonizes their communication, connects various data sources, and forwards it for analysis, such as to a cloud or local ERP system. This indicates that you can realize production ideas that are focused on the future even with plants that are already in use.

Using a bus system or serial interfaces, SIMATIC IOT2050 is simple to integrate into existing communications infrastructure. There is no need to modify your software or the hardware that controls your system.


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