2 Meter GT2 Timing Belt with 2Pcs Of 5mm GT2 Pulley 16 Teeth


Specifications of pulley:

  1. Number of teeth: 16
  2. Outer Diameter: 13 mm
  3. Inner Diameter: 5mm


The Pulley and The Crankshaft Belt combo frames an essential piece of the three dimensional printer. These are utilized for the accuracy movement to print even the most unpredictable plans. GT2 Crankshaft Belt Pulley is generally utilized in the 3d printer. GT2 Crankshaft Belt pulley Exceptionally plan for NEMA 17 stepper engine utilized in 3d Printer. The Aluminum GT2 Timing Pulley 16 Tooth 5mm Drag For 6mm Belt is for exact movement control, GT2 belts, and pulleys offer superb accuracy at an extraordinary cost. This pulley has 20 teeth and a 5mm internal drag. Two set screws can be utilized to connect it solidly to any 5mm measurement shaft. Full aluminum development implies these are exceptionally light and truly tough.


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