Laser Diode Module 650NM 5V Laser Light Module ky008


Specifications :

  1. Voltage: 3.0 V – 5 V.
  2. Output: red laser straightly(650nm).
  3. Driver: APC circuit.
  4. Size: Φ 12.0 x35mm.
  5. Line length: about 135 mm.
  6. Transmit power: 58mW.
  7. Operating Current: 40mA.
  8. Operating temperature: -36 ~ 65C.
  9. Pot size: 15 meters spot for φ10 mm ~ φ15.
  10. Outer diameter: 6 mm.


The LASER MODULE 650NM 5V head is made out of a light-transmitting tube, condenser focal point, and movable copper sleeve and it is collected when conveyed, the central length of the focal point is changed stuck areas of strength for by stick, which can work straightforwardly subsequent to interfacing with a 5V DC power supply.


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